When pitching to investors, you’ll require financial modelling to help tell your financial story. Financial modelling is a key factor to being investor ready. Financial modelling allows investors to review the opportunity and asses its worthiness against pre-determined criteria.


Leap's process 


  1. Configure the model to best fit your business

  2. Input the assumptions

  3. Review the results

  4. Run alternate scenarios (sensitivity analysis)

  5. Share results, get investments and scale your business


Reports include:


  • Summary report ideal for the pitch deck

  • 3-way financial modelling -  Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow

  • Sales report with all customer lifetime value metrics

  • Staffing report with costs

  • Depreciation calculations

  • Cap Table

  • Key metrics including customer acquisition costs



You’ll find answers to:

  • The cost of acquisition per customer

  • When your business breaks even

  • When you can afford to hire new staff

  • Headline estimates as to the value of your business

  • Capabilities for new lease agreements

  • How long current funds will last

  • Evaluate the returns on your investments

  • How much capital you need to raise.