What is your business worth?

Business valuations are an independent assessment and estimation of the value of your business. Valuations can be conducted for the business as a whole, just the assets or for the intellectual property (IP). 


An effective valuation takes into consideration all aspects of the business – financials, history, business structure, industry, people, competitor analysis, systems, and intellectual property. 

Business Valuations are commonly requested for:

  • Capital raising/seeking investors

  • Buying a new business

  • Selling a business

  • As part of a larger company valuation for a merger or acquisition

  • Undergoing a change in leadership or ownership

  • Assessing your tax obligations

  • Refinancing 

  • Partnership dissolution

  • Business planning 

Why Leap?

In most businesses, tangible assets only make up a small part of the total value of the business. The remainder of the value has traditionally been referred to under the broad term “Goodwill” and encompasses patents and trademarks. Very little effort has been made to identify, quantify or plan around this value. There are very few businesses that do not fall within this description, and it is highly likely that yours does too.


Leap works closely with trusted patent and trademark attorney partners to value the business.  Valuations are prepared with the experience of strategic advisors, patent and trademark attorneys, and financial experts. 

What is Intellectual Property Valuation?

Intellectual property valuation is a multi-faceted legal and financial analysis to identify and value intellectual property assets. Our patent valuations and trademark valuations can be performed to provide you with an objective idea of the value of your intellectual property. Once you have an understanding of what makes your intellectual property valuable, this will also show you how to go about maximising that value.