What is a Virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO bridges the skills gap present in a business that needs high-level financial advice but doesn't yet require a full-time employee in the role. Whilst businesses may have their compliance all locked away, they find they have a need for ongoing advice during the year with regards to their business.


VCFOs offer:

  • Flexibility - pay for only what you need

  • Adaptive - easily adapt to your changing needs

  • Work with a team, not just one person - a team backing you, each with their own expertise to draw upon

  • Freedom to focus on what you do best 

  • Knowledge and experience

  • Sounding board

Cash Flow Management 

Cash flow is one integral part of any healthy and scalable business. Unsustainable cash flow halts business growth and steers attention away from growing the business and to focus on cash flow. Cash flow forecasts spot and plan for future cash flow shortages well in advance. 


At Leap, we implement simple processes and systems to manage cash flow, educate internal teams and proactively find ways of increasing your business's cash flow. 

Real-time Performance Reporting 

Proactive rather than Reactive


Leap's reporting encompasses the past, the future, and the present.  


Historical reporting provides valuable accurate data of how the business has performed. 

Future reporting provides a roadmap you can follow and gauge progress against long-term strategic goals. 

Real-time reporting gives you the information you need, when you need it, as soon as a transaction is complete. Real-time data is much more actionable and allows entrepreneurs to make quick easy decisions.  


Leap's reporting accounts for the past, projects the future and analyses today, the X-factor to scaling your business. 

Specialised Reporting (Scaling Up Principals)

Reporting based on the Scaling Up Principals of Verne Harnish. Provides a regular and in-depth health check on the business and reviews the four key pillars of the business

(1)   Profitability

(2)   Working Capital

(3)   Other Capital

(4)   Funding 


Specialised reports including:

  • Power of One

  • Working Capital Timeline

  • Profit vs Cash Flow

  • Business Value Indication

  • Scenario modeling 

KPI Dashboard Reporting 

Real-time KPI dashboard reporting is a visual representation of business key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure, review and take action in real-time.


A simple one-page report showing the key data you need to be aware of daily. KPIs are customised to suit your business after understanding how the business operates, future plans and key metrics.

Software Integration

Xero now integrates with an extensive range of business support software. Critical business systems include CRM, time tracking, inventory and product management, real-time financial reporting,  HR, e-commerce, payment gateway and more. 


Leap will determine the best range of systems to integrate to meet current and future business needs and to efficiently run the business. 

  • Brainstorm current and future business needs 

  • Recommendations for suitable systems  

  • Install and customise  systems

  • Train & support internal staff 

Other Services

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Product cost analysis

  • Break-even analysis 

  • Internal systems and controls

  • Renegotiation of supplier contracts

  • Risk management and controls